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We'll run it.

Cloud reimagined for DevOps Software Developers

πŸš€ Build and Deploy APIs, microservices and event-driven systems
in minutes, not days or weeks

Just Typescript code

Using our Typescript SDK, you simply build your cloud system

Test locally with our CLI

Hot-reloading dev server that emulates the uncloud environment

Push to deploy globally

Once you're done, just push to Github - we'll deploy everything for you

Okay, but how does it work?
In less than 10 minutes?

uncloud is the first serverless cloud that configures itself based on your code:

πŸ”§ Write your code using our TypeScript SDK
πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» $uncloud dev to test locally with our hot-reloading dev server
πŸš€ $uncloud deploy to deploy globally on AWS infrastructure
πŸ’― DevOps free!

Code samples πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»
uncloud in action ↓

  import { api, res } from "@uncloud-sdk/lib"

  // Define a get endpoint
  api.get('/hello/{name}', {name} => {
    if (!name) { return res.failure('Please specify a name') }
    return res.success(`Hello ${name}!`)

  // Define a post endpoint'/hello?greeting={greeting}', {greeting = 'Hello', body} => {
    const { name } = body
    if (!name) { return res.failure('Please specify a name') }
    return res.success(`${greeting} ${name}!`)
   *  πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Run locally
   *  $ uncloud start
   *  πŸš€ Deploy to production
   *  $ uncloud deploy --production


The Cloud - Reimagined for Software Developers

Your relationship status with the cloud: It's complicated πŸ’”
You need the cloud to ship your software to customers, but you also waste a lot of time dealing with cloud-infrastructure, instead of writing code.

uncloud is here to change that!
Introducing: The first cloud that configures itself, built for software developers.

Just code, we'll do the rest

Getting started with uncloud is easy - just use our SDKs to build your backend, and then run it locally with our CLI.
Once you're happy, just push to deploy to production.

TypeScript SDK

Use our well documented, fun-to-use Typescript SDK to build your backend. Never leave your code editor - not even to look at documentation.

Run locally

Ever built cloud systems with a hot-reloading development server? Now you can! The uncloud CLI is your nodemon for the cloud.

Push to deploy

Once you're done coding, just push to Github. Automatic CI/CD takes care of setting up your production deployment.

Built-in messaging, orchestration & authentication

Powerful features that allow you to build powerful backends.
Start simple & scale simple - that's our goal with uncloud.

Built-in messaging

Build API endpoints in record time with our SDK. Coordinate tasks between services with a built-in pub-sub message bus and remote procedure calls (RPCs).

Cron Jobs & One-off timers

Schedule code-execution with cron jobs or use one-off timers to effortlessly implement polling (or the world's most scalable tea-timer).


Allow your users to login through SSO providers (Google, Apple) or the classic email + password. Use Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to authorize them.

Build powerful systems
in minutes.

Start simple & scale simple with a powerful toolset that is custom-built for software developers.
Get from zero to production in minutes, not days or weeks.

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APIs are the bread & butter of every backend. With uncloud you'll build APIs in record time. Write Code β†’ Test it locally β†’ Push to deploy β†’ Done.


Event driven backends

Building event-driven backends is easy with uncloud! Build your services, test them locally, use built-in RPCs & the built-in PubSub message bus to combine simple services into powerful backends.

Services, RPCs, PubSub

Fullstack Apps

Ship complete fullstack apps to your users. Use uncloud's easy to use hosting features to deliver the UIs to your backends without any hassle. Authenticate users with Google, Apple or Email + Password.

Hosting, Authentication

Ready to ship in minutes?


β€œMan, with cloud infrastructure you have like 5000 options, but what you want at the end of the day is to run your code somewhere. All you want is a banana, but instead you get the monkeys and the whole damn jungle.”

Mario Bartlack
Software Developer (16+ yrs of experience)

Stay in the flow πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Focus on your code - we'll take care of the rest.

TypeScipt + JavaScript

Supports the most popular programming language in the world. And its typed cousin.

Run locally

Run your entire stack locally with our CLI. Achieve 100% parity between localhost and production.

Stunning DX

Stay in the flow with our world-class developer experience. We're a DX company first.

Zero config CI/CD

Deploy seamlessly from Github with our zero-config Github integration.

100% DevOps free

No DevOps skills needed to ship and scale. By using our SDKs, your infrastructure is automatically setup for you.

Automatic multi-stage deployments

All PRs automatically deploy to dedicated preview environments, while your main branch deploys to production.

Built on AWS

Under the hood, uncloud is running on AWS infrastructure. So don't worry about scaling - we gotcha!


Easily start something new, run your system locally, or deploy with our CLI.

Just code. We'll run it.Join the waitinglist
today to get started.